Kawartha Asset Management Inc. (“KAMI”) is a portfolio manager based in Toronto, Ontario. KAMI partnered with Roundtable in 2018 to sub-advise the RCP Resource Opportunities LP (“Fund”), which invests in securities of public and private entities within the energy, materials and industrials sectors.

The investment objective of the Fund is to achieve capital appreciation by investing primarily in a concentrated portfolio of resource investments that have a proven and predicable cyclicality. The Fund has the opportunity to invest in a broad range of securities, both public and private, of both small and medium-size entities operating in the broader spectrum of resource industries, ranging from 1) oil and gas exploration and production, servicing and drilling, 2) the power generation market, including alternative energy-related projects, as well as 3) other related natural resource sector industries including mineral resource mining and exploration, forestry and water resource projects.

The Fund has a 3-year investment timeline and is closed to new investors.

President & CEO - CFA