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Company Profile

Roundtable provides investment management services to high net worth individuals, families, endowments and foundations.

Our central mission is to build and protect the capital of our clients who seek superior long-term absolute returns. We focus on a limited number of client relationships to ensure the highest standard of personal service.

Roundtable is registered with the Ontario Securities Commission as an Exempt Market Dealer, Portfolio Manager and Investment Fund Manager. The Roundtable Funds are purchased via Offering Memorandum.

Roundtable has entered into a business relationship with Lysander Funds, the retail affiliate of Canso Investment Counsel – the latter manages over 2.5 billion for clients. This relationship has resulted in the launch of the Lysander-Roundtable Low Volatility Equity Fund (the “Fund”).

The investment objective of the Fund is to provide long-term capital growth by investing primarily in North American securities with a focus on equity securities of Canadian and U.S. companies. The Fund employs an active covered call overlay strategy in an effort to augment income and lower volatility.

The Fund is available through your local Investment Professional - more information can be found by “clicking” on the below icon:


Commissions, trailing commissions, management fees and expenses all may be associated with mutual fund investments. Please read the prospectus before investing. Mutual funds are not guaranteed, their values change frequently and past performance may not be repeated. ®Lysander Funds is a registered trademark of Lysander Funds Limited

Business Philosophy

Roundtable’s goal is to exceed the expectations of Roundtable’s stakeholders: investors, employees and shareholders alike. The company has been structured around the following key principles that provide the necessary framework to meet this goal:

The company is majority owned by active management.

Alignment of Interest
All stakeholders share the common goal of superior investment performance. Clients have representation on the Advisory Council. Employees participate in profit sharing. Management is personally invested in the Roundtable Funds.

Team Approach
Roundtable focuses on results rather than hierarchy. Each employee is an integral member of the team. Roundtable’s management values and encourages feedback from all stakeholders. These discussions will contribute to the constant evolution of the company.


Investment Philosophy

Bottom up Approach
Roundtable chooses securities through fundamental analysis of individual companies and associated industry conditions. The macro-economic environment is not ignored, however, and tactical changes to asset allocations are incorporated into the management of portfolios.

Opportunistic Style
Roundtable believes that opportunities in any one strategy may become scarce at times, and therefore uses a multi-strategy approach to drive performance. Overall, Roundtable favours a Growth-At-A-Reasonable-Price (“GARP”) approach to stock selection, but will consider “value” stocks to act as a “safe harbour” in times of above-normal volatility, high inflation and/or high/rising interest rates.

Concentrated Portfolios
The Funds typically hold approximately 25-45 core long positions with a targeted horizon of 12 months or more. Shorter-term trading positions may be initiated in addition to these “core” holdings as opportunities are identified.

Capital Preservation
Roundtable’s strategic bias is to be “long” as opposed to “short” to capture the upward drift inherent in equity markets. However, Roundtable uses short positions to provide downside protection in times of aggregate market downturns.